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2017-06-17: Debian GNU/Linux 9.0 (Stretch) released

Not much news on my site, even though content gets constantly polished and updated where needed.

However, last night Debian Stretch has finally been released :-) Go grab your copy and have an install party!

2017-05-06: Icedove became Thunderbird again

Well… maybe a little late… but still. You get the picture :-)

2016-03-14: Iceweasel became Firefox again

For years, the Debian team had to rebrand Firefox into Iceweasel. Luckily, by now Debian and the Mozilla Foundation settled their “disputes” and henceforth Iceweasel will be called Firefox again in Debian.

Please note that this also has an impact on your sources.list!

Archived news

For news from the previous years please have a look at the News archive.

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