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Thank you for visiting DeskTux!

This site is for all those of you who, like me, use (Debian/GNU) Linux as a desktop operating system. And through the years, naturally, I have encountered problems and issues here and there which needed to be solved. Some of these issues were not easily resolved, some problems not easily researched. So I use this website as a sort of “knowledge-base” for myself and also to share my knowledge with you. So you don't have to struggle for a solution to your problem as much as I needed to. Hopefully ;-)

For some issues I have written (nice?) little scripts to make daily life easier. You can download them if you encounter situations similar to mine and use the scripts to make your own life easier as well. Some problems need closer description and this resulted in some Tips & Tricks that may be needful for yourself as well.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy browsing this site and find it helpful!


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