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This is my /etc/apt/sources.list which grew and changed a lot during the past few years. Maybe it'll be helpful for you.

You should—of course—use a Debian mirror that is not too far away from you. The examples below contain the generic mirrors where you have to replace “XX” by your language/country code.

If you use a notebook, make sure to also read these instructions and enable TLP in your sources.list.



### Main Sources
deb	bullseye			main contrib non-free
### Security Updates
deb		bullseye-security		main contrib non-free
### Software Updates
deb	bullseye-updates		main contrib non-free
deb	bullseye-backports		main contrib non-free
deb	bullseye-proposed-updates	main contrib non-free

For servers

Although my page is aimed at desktop usage, please don't use the above sources.list on a server. There it should look something like this.

For firmware files (sometimes necessary on servers) you should add the “non-free” section as well.

# Main Sources
deb	bullseye		main
# (Security) Updates
deb		bullseye-security	main
deb	bullseye-updates	main



As Debian GNU/Linux Bullseye is the current release, I do not recommend to use Buster on the desktop anymore.

For servers

You can still use Buster safely on a server, but you should upgrade before july 2022 as the security support for Buster will end then (unless you run an LTS supported version).

# Main Sources
deb	buster		main
# (Security) Updates
deb		buster/updates	main
#deb	buster-updates	main


The security support for Stretch ended in july 2020, I no longer recommend to make a fresh Jessie install.


Because of the by now very old software available in Jessie I do no longer recommend to use it on a desktop at all.

For servers

Although the official support for Stretch ended in july 2020, you can still get security support for it by adding the stretch-lts repository. However, this works only for the i386 and amd64 architectures and will be maintained until june 2022.

# Main Sources
deb	stretch		main
# (Security) Updates
deb		stretch/updates	main
#deb	stretch-updates	main
deb	stretch-lts	main

Jessie and older

Currently you shouldn't use Jessie or older anymore for there are no more security updates. The following sources.list can be used if needed, it contains all (security) updates that were available for Jessie.

# Main Sources
deb	jessie	main contrib non-free


The sources.list for older distributions looks similar to the Jessie list, just replace 'jessie' with the codename of the respective release.

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