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Logitech G513 Carbon

Recently I got myself a Logitech G513 Carbon keyboard with GX Blue switches. And I was positively surprised that there is a Linux software available for programming the key LEDs :-)

Basically you just have to install the g810-led package, read its documentation in /usr/sahre/doc/g810-led and you are good to go.

The usage is really simple, you can define a profile file to define all key colours and invoke the tool to load the profile with g513-led -p <filename>. For more information you can look at g513-led –help and g513-led –help-keys. Oh and other Logitech G keyboards are of course also supported.

This is my profile, feel free to use it for your own keyboard. I just put the command to load the profile in my boot sequence.

### Logitech G513 Profile
# 2020-06-19 Version 1 by
# Install 'g810-led' and invoke with 'g513-led -p <filename>'
# More info: 'g513-led --help' and 'g513-led --help-keys'
# Variables
var white ffffff
var red ff0000
var green 00ff00
var blue 0000ff
var yellow ffff00
var purple ff00ff
var cyan 00ffff
var orange ff8000
# Set all (default)
a $white
# Set groups
g indicators $orange     # CAPS Lock and G mode indicators
g arrows $cyan           # Same as WASD
g numeric $purple        # Same as number keys
g fkeys $yellow
g functions $blue
g modifiers $blue
# Set individual keys
k esc $red               # AnyKey
k num_lock $red
k w $cyan                # Same as arrow keys
k a $cyan
k s $cyan
k d $cyan
k 1 $purple              # Same as number block
k 2 $purple
k 3 $purple
k 4 $purple
k 5 $purple
k 6 $purple
k 7 $purple
k 8 $purple
k 9 $purple
k 0 $purple
k tab $blue              # Same as Functions and Modifiers
k caps_lock $blue
k backspace $blue
k enter $blue
k numenter $blue
k tilde $green           # Characters
k minus $green
k equal $green
k open_bracket $green
k close_bracket $green
k semicolon $green
k quote $green
k dollar $green          # Somehow the backslash works only with dollar
k comma $green
k period $green
k slash $green
k num/ $green
k num* $green
k num- $green
k num+ $green
k num. $green
# Commit changes
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