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The VICE Emulator

Oh well, sometimes I think I might be getting older. Remembering my childhood (yes, it was even before my youth) I spent loads of hours on my Commodore 64 and most of that time was gaming. Nowadays I enjoy an occasional session in the really great emulation software Vice, playing my favourite games from back then.1)

In Wheezy it was not possible to use the 64bit version of VICE, that is luckily solved with modern versions.

To install and configure VICE, just run these steps.

  1. Install VICE:
    apt install vice
  2. Follow the normal steps to get Vice running: download2) the ROMs3) and copy them to /usr/lib/vice/<system>/


Running one of my all-time favourites

For my German speaking readers: the C64 Wiki is a great place!
Check the Source Tarball
Called kernal
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