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The content of this page is no longer maintained and could be outdated soon or already is. The reasons could be various, like this information became obsolete or there is by now a better way to handle the information on this page. This page will be retained here for archiving reasons.


Scribus is a free DTP program for (amongst others) Linux. On Debian systems it can happen that you get an error message about missing fonts when starting Scribus for the first time. The exact error message is: There are no suitable Fonts on your System. Exiting now.

To solve that issue, you should install the packages “xfonts-scalable” and “gsfonts-x11”:

# apt-get install xfonts-scalable gsfonts-x11

To really get all fonts on your system you also should create the file ~/.scribus/scribusfont.rc and fill it with this content:


Your font paths may vary but on my system (and others) this works perfectly.

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