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Mozilla Thunderbird is the messaging client from the Mozilla Foundation. Because I used Netscape Messenger since my e-mail begin-times I am just used to its handling, features and look & feel. Because Thunderbird is a direct descendant of Netscape Messenger, it is still my favourite messaging client (well, professionally I like notes).

Reply Headers

By default Thunderbird marks the original message only with name wrote:” when replying. Personally I like it to have a timestamp in there as well, like “On date, Name wrote:”. This is quite easy to configure, just a little hidden in the Config Editor. For a more visual aid I provided a screenshot.

Filter on "reply_header" in the Config Editor

  1. Go in the menu to “Menu → Settings”.
  2. Navigate the dialog to “General → Config Editor” all the way at the bottom.
  3. Filter on “reply_header_type” in the config editor.

Here you will find the preference name “mailnews.reply_header_type” which has an integer value. You can set it to three values:

  • Set it to “1” (default) and you will get Name wrote:”
  • Set it to “2” as in my example and you will get “On date, name wrote:”
  • Set it to “3” and you will get Name wrote, On date:”

More Information

For more Information like calendaring and centralized address book please check the Independence of Google page.


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