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If you have a Raspberry Pi or NUC with a connected scanner, you can easily share it to your network.

Server installation and configuration

  1. Install saned:
    sudo apt install sane
  2. Edit /etc/default/saned and set RUN to yes.
  3. After the installation go to the dicectory /etc/sane.d and edit the saned.conf. Add the following line to allow scanning from your network:
  4. If you also use IPv6 add this line as well:
  5. So, for example (these are not real IP addresses of course):
  6. Afterwards, restart saned
    /etc/init.d/saned restart

And you should be good to go.

Client configuration

On the client side installation and configuration is even easier. Just install sane and maybe simple-scan (great application!), afterwards edit the /etc/sane.d/net.conf and add (e.g. as a last line) the name or IP address of your server.

That's is, now you're good to go!


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