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Line 8: Line 8:
 ===== Buster ===== ===== Buster =====
-Since Buster is entering the freeze phase it is time for a usable sources.list. 
 ==== sources.list ==== ==== sources.list ====
 <file bash sources.list>​ <file bash sources.list>​
Line 20: Line 18:
 ### Software Updates ### Software Updates
 deb http://​​debian/​ buster-updates main contrib non-free deb http://​​debian/​ buster-updates main contrib non-free
-#deb http://​​debian/​ buster-backports main contrib non-free +deb http://​​debian/​ buster-backports main contrib non-free 
-#deb http://​​debian/​ buster-proposed-updates main contrib non-free+deb http://​​debian/​ buster-proposed-updates main contrib non-free
 ### Unofficial Packages ### Unofficial Packages
Line 31: Line 29:
 ==== For servers ==== ==== For servers ====
-Buster ​is still testing and has no proper security supportI strongly recommend against using Buster ​on a server ​already.+Although my page is aimed at desktop usage, please don't use the above sources.list on a server! There it should look something like this.
-===== Stretch ===== +If you are using fast-moving packages like ClamAV you should also enable the '​stretch-updates'​ repositoryAnd for firmware files (sometimes necessary on servers) you should add the "non-free" section as well.
-==== sources.list ==== +
-<file bash sources.list>​ +
-### Main Sources +
-deb http://​​debian/​ stretch main contrib ​non-free+
-### Security Updates +<code bash> 
-deb​ stretch/updates main contrib non-free+Main Sources 
 +deb​debian/ buster main
-### Software ​Updates +(Security) ​Updates 
-deb​debian/ stretch-updates main contrib non-free +deb​ buster/​updates main 
-deb http://​​debian/​ stretch-backports main contrib non-free +deb http://​​debian/​ buster-updates main 
-deb http://​​debian/​ stretch-proposed-updates main contrib non-free+</code>
-### Unofficial Packages +===== Stretch ===== 
-#​deb http://​ stretch main non-free # Marillat +==== sources.list ==== 
- +As Debian GNU/Linux (Buster) is the current release, I do not recommend to use Stretch on the desktop anymore.
-### Importing GPG keys for APT +
-# Marillat apt-get install deb-multimedia-keyring +
 ==== For servers ==== ==== For servers ====
-Although my page is aimed at desktop usage, please don'​t ​use the above sources.list ​on a server! There it should look something like this. +You can still use Stretch safely ​on a server, but you should ​upgrade before july 2020 as the security support ​for Buster will end then (unless you run an LTS supported version).
- +
-If you are using fast-moving packages like ClamAV ​you should ​also enable ​the '​stretch-updates'​ repository. And for firmware files (sometimes necessary on serversyou should add the "​non-free"​ section as well.+
 <code bash> <code bash>
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