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 +====== LaTeX ======
 +The following code can be used as a template for new [[http://​​|LaTeX]] files. Of course the fields pdftitle, pdfauthor, title and author need to be edited, as well as the Babel language.
 +Usually I would recommend [[SciTE]] as source editor -- also for LaTeX files. It has customizable compilation and view support included through hotkeys that make your life a lot easier. But for LaTeX, [[http://​​texmaker/​|Texmaker]] is definitely a way better tool. Also when editing LaTeX files you may have a need for spell checking. I have not found an easy way to add that to SciTE. Still -- my recommendation for SciTE (and vi of course) still stands for all other tasks except for editing LaTeX files, as gedit or other editors are //slow// compared to SciTE.
 +This template also eliminates this error message:
 +  ! pdfTeX warning (ext4): destination with the same identifier (name{page.1}) has been already used, duplicate ignored
 +<file latex template.tex>​
 +\author{Jens Vogel}
 +\usepackage[a4paper,​pdftex,​pdftitle={},​pdfauthor={Jens Vogel},​bookmarksnumbered,​colorlinks,​plainpages=false,​pdfpagelabels]{hyperref}
 +        \maketitle
 +        \tableofcontents
 +        This is the DeskTux \LaTeX{}~Template!
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