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   * [[:​apps:​conky|Conky]]   * [[:​apps:​conky|Conky]]
-  * [[:​apps:​e17|E17]] or Enlightenment DR17+  * [[:​apps:​e17|E17]] or Enlightenment DR17 (and newer versions)
   * Basic [[:​apps:​git]] server for use with e.g. [[:​apps:​puppet|Puppet]]   * Basic [[:​apps:​git]] server for use with e.g. [[:​apps:​puppet|Puppet]]
   * [[:​apps:​google_earth|Google Earth]] on amd64 with [[:​misc:​nvidia|Nvidia]] card   * [[:​apps:​google_earth|Google Earth]] on amd64 with [[:​misc:​nvidia|Nvidia]] card
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